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We believe that sport is one of the most powerful platforms available to help build a sustainable future. We had three goals in mind when we decided to write this book. The first goal was to amplify the contribution of sport to a sustainable future by helping fellow professionals working in the business of sport to understand how the world is changing around them. The second goal was to show how the more progressive leaders in sport are responding to these changes. And the last goal was to teach how brands, properties, athletes and nonprofits should best manage their role in sport in a way that will help them to remain relevant and commercially viable. 

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Neill and Fabien are sought-after keynote speakers, panelists, and moderators. They regularly write thought leadership pieces for various publications sharing insights on the world of Purpose.

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Press features

The Importance Of
Being Purposeful

Neill Duffy, founder of sports impact agency 17 Sport, sits down with The Sustainability Report and explains that sport must ‘do good to do well’ in the post-Covid era. 

A Moment Of Awakening: Has Sport Finally Found A Higher Purpose Beyond Entertainment?

It has been a profound moment of awakening where sports has discovered a cause bigger than itself, and in the process found its purpose: to not only entertain us, but to also inspire us by showing moral courage. 

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Legacy Sport authors Neill, Fabien and Jo all practice what they preach through their company 17 Sport, the world’s first integrated sports impact company operating at the intersection of sport, business and purpose. We exist to use the power of sport to build a positive future for the world.


We collaborate with the pioneers and thought-leaders of the sports world to to inspire, educate and enable the business of sport to do good while doing well. We provide purpose led business solutions - advisory, commercial and management - to brands, sports properties, athletes and sports non-profits to help them manage their investments in sport in a more meaningful way.


Our global team comprises individuals who have been at the forefront of the Purpose revolution for the last 15 years. Together, we apply unrivaled expertise to tailored solutions that drive social, environmental and commercial returns.

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Written for aspiring and active executives working in the business of sports, Legacy Sport is an accessible and informative guide that will inspire, educate and enable you to do good while doing well and manage your investment in sport in a meaningful way.